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Iravin Nizhal ( full movie )

The film opens with Nandu, a film loan specialist, finding that the police will catch him, and making a run, with a weapon, which he wants to use obviously on Paramaanandha, a fake godman, who is one of those to have set him in this hazardous position. As he holds up at the godman's weak ashram, he relates his interesting life, people who drove him into shadowiness, his offenses the one shine of light that is as yet fundamental for his life.

First experience with the world came about on account of his mother's extramarital issue with their landowner. She's killed by her significant other in a desirous rage. He's raised by neighbors till he takes off developed 10. Resulting to being attacked by a cop, he's given safe house by a trans-woman, who uses him to deal marijuana. At 18 he falls head over heels for a young woman who seems to answer his feelings, yet ends up sabotaging him for cash, making him very furious. Then he turns out to be horrendously enchanted with Chilakkamma, an enthusiastic young woman who answers his feelings. They marry and set up a little shop with the help of a vendor who urges him to participate in the hawala trade which he's constrained to stop when the law gets the ball really rolling, conveying him unsuitable to pay loan sharks who abuse his significant other causing her to end it all.

He searches for cover at the fake godman's ashram, where he's in a little while disheartened in the wake of tracking down the last choice's veritable nature. An associate who was the godman's partner Prema Kumari revealed him, getting him caught, to get his wealth. In the wake of finding this, Nandu, who has a following illegal relationship with, and impregnates her, demands half of it, and kills her when she declines. He's then, tortured by the calls of the unborn child.

He then, transforms into a popular loan shark. He drives one of his obliged people into wedding him and has a young lady Arputha on whom he showers his fondness. His soul mate at last warms to him. Regardless, when they sort out that an obligation holder of his serious self destruction close by his family in light of his incitement, they leave him.

Nandu ponders this, and out of liability, anguish and bitterness he shoots himself dead.